What do we offer?

If your company wants to reduce the risk of developing its own hardware and the time-to-market or simply prefers to trust experts in electronic equipment for the development of new products, then ASI is your ideal partner.

We have been working for several years on custom developments for various companies.

Our experts excel in the development of ultra-precise on-board sensors, including positioning sensors and motion sensors.

We empower your solution with ready-to-use innovative technology to measure activity and sports performance. Our engineers take care of the development and testing and provide you with the best solution which exactly fits your needs.




  Save time and money by reducing supply chain and production costs

Optimize products and solutions using the latest digital technology

Improve your customers’ user experience

Gain competitive advantage

Low power design:

Power consumption is a very important criteria for us.  Our engineers put all their efforts together to reduce dynamic as well as static power consumption during the chip design.

Highly integrated solutions:

All our sensors contain a 9-axis IMU, GNSS (GPS) and ECG, which results in the most complete and powerful all-in-one sensor to measure activity and sports performance.

Accurate sensors integration:

  • Geolocation
  • Inertial motion units
  • Pressure sensors
  • Biometric sensors

Communication technologies:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Iridium
  • Proprietary protocols

Algorithms for sport and motion analytics:

ASI designed, produced and validated the electronic board of this tracking device. Our engineers realized the proof of concept and worked on various optimizations, such as the Iridium signal, power consumption and Radio Frequency Interference improvement.

Besides the technological aspects, ASI also took care of the design of the tracker, making sure it was as compact as possible in order to optimize the user experience.