Unlock the power of ready-to-integrate sports performance data

Athlete centric

Data in real time

Access to raw data

Access to computed statistics

Manage sport sessions, athletes and permissions

Oauth2 authentication

Our API provides

  • REST architecture
  • Oauth2 authentication
  • Access to raw data
    – On demande (via REST API)
    – In real time (via websocket)


  • Ability to manage device, Athletes, Manager.
  • Ability to manage access permission to enforce data privacy.
  • Ability to setup sport sessions etc.
  • Access to computed statistics
    – On demande (via REST API)
    – In real time (via websocket)

For sports platform developers

We designed an open API allowing developers to consume raw or calculated data in real time and/or post-session. Data can be accessed simultaneously by several solutions which creates opportunities to explore new use cases in the fields of performance and fan engagement.

The full API integration reimagines the data collection and distribution workflow, leading to a completely frictionless experience for the user. It distributes to developers ready-to-use high quality data to build solutions offering additional value and enhanced user experience. Possibilities are endless in any sport and/or segment:

  • Load management solutions
  • Athlete management systems
  • BI Dashboards
  • Video analysis tools
  • Fan engagement solutions
  • Broadcasting
  • Fitness applications
  • And many more

For researchers and academics

Our concept of open API is optimized to allow researchers and academics to consume raw or calculated data in real time and/or post-session.

The easy API integration allows you to concentrate on your added value based on the generated data instead of the data collection logistics. Focus on your research with high quality data similar both in real time and post-session. You can collect data in any environment, from controlled protocols to real-world official competitions.

Data can be accessed simultaneously both for research and for other use cases like performance management, fan-engagement, and broadcasting with other third-party solutions.

For sports data scientists

To give access to end-users to advanced enriched algorithm based on data generated by ASI sensors, we offer external sports data scientist to embark their advanced data enrichment algorithm or models to be exposed and monetize to ASI’s connected ecosystem.

We designed a marketplace for embedded or server-based algorithm giving sports data scientist the opportunity to:

  • Access to a growing market with potential customers
  • Monetize their models
  • Benefit from a ready-to-integrate and distribute API infrastructure
  • Concentrate on their core-competence
  • Access to high quality data