The easiest, most reliable and
cost efficient solution

Why Fieldwiz ?

Take informed decisions
Reinforce your intuition with reliable insights.

Set goals, track progress
Push your athletes. Encourage healthy competition within the team.

Optimize readiness
Monitor the load, prevent injuries and rehabilitate safely.

Communicate effectively
Demonstrate your strategy and expectations.

The advanced, user-friendly FieldWiz web platform allows you to easily load, store, visualize and analyse your team’s performance data.

Metrics can be tailor made and dashboards customized, which ensures you a reporting that exactly fits your needs.



Field hockey
Team sport






FieldWiz allows you to measure your team’s performance and gather reliable data during games or trainings to take informed decisions and improve your strategy.

The latest generation GNSS tracking technology up to 18Hz gives you the precision you need to track the progress of your players, to set goals and encourage a healthy competition within the team.

FieldWiz meets FIFA’s International Match Standard for Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems.

One step closer to winning

The all-in-one swiss-knife of performance tracking
Motion sensing, precise position tracking and heart-rate monitoring capabilities in a 35 grams device.

Plug & Play
Spend time with your athletes, not with your computer !
Straightforward process to gather directly the insights you need.

Reliable data
Latest generation GNSS tracking technology, 18Hz ready.
Validated and approved solution by Brighton University and FIFA IMS.


Wiz shirt
Designed with a pocket located on the back to hold the sensor, the shirt is very comfortable and easy to wear.

Wiz HR shirt
The last generation conductive specific shirts features two unobtrusive heart rate capture points built directly into the fabric. This tracks heart rate metrics and avoids the use of a bulky heart rate chest strap. The most comfortable connected shirt with breathable fabrics with optimized body coverage. Women specific shirts available.

Our shirts are available in different sizes.

Docking station

Enables an easy and fast synchronization, charging and carrying of up to 30 devices. Convenient to use with a user-friendly process and integrated screen. Ideal for teams with at least 8 devices, allowing precious time saving with fast synchronization.